Welcome to the Best Summer of Your Child's Life

This will be a great experience for kids ages 8-14 to truly tap into their passions and learn to monetize it. Each session will start with meditation and positive affirmations because without healthy minds we can't create healthy brands. A member's only area has been created for each attendee packed with a lot of information. 

Each lesson will consist of a virtual theme with one instruction video, a guest speaker in the field, and a project to get your child closer to our goal of creating a business. There are 7 lessons Setting Goals and Business Plans, Financial Planning & business principles, Speaker Series, Branding, Creating mini corporation, Tech & Social Media Week, and Pitching. By the end of this program, your child will have a viable business and skill that will set them leaps and bounds ahead of other kids their age.

Your child will also have access to exclusive content from business owners all over the world. They can view video presentations from these entrepreneurs about running a business and their entrepreneurial journey. There will be demos, presentations and more...


The attendees have the opportunity to decide what industry interests them the most, they then will have the chance to create their own brands or team up with other attendees to create mini corporations.


The kids will have the opportunity to create their own logos, websites, and social media pages. Every child's business will be showcased on our website, social media pages as well as included in the quarterly press release. If you are interested in registering a child please click here

We have lots of speakers from different industries ready to inspire and cultivate the interests of our attendees. We will have demos and presentations from business owners and industry professionals to equip your child with the knowledge to create their own brands. Take a look at last year's speakers Here

Check out some of the great work our campers did last summer

Below are some of the logos our campers designed themselves. They learned about branding and being consistent. We had a great time and your child will too this year. Check out some of the other great moments in our gallery

Speakers and Sponsors Wanted 

If you are a business owner and would like to sponsor our camp, come speak during speaker's, or mentor a child please contact Jordan Dawson at 513assist@gmail.com Thank you. You are helping to inspire these young entrepreneurs in the making.

Do you have questions? Are you interested in being a camp counselor? Contact us today!

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